Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Table Runner Project Part Two

I knew the table runner project was going to require some assistance, so I reached out to my great quilting 101 teacher to see about going to her house for help in adding the batting/backing/and binding to my table runner. 

I was able to join her and another quilter (who was getting help designing a really neat animal themed quilt for her son) after work today. I set up my sewing machine and took out the table runner top, both ladies were jealous that my fabrics thus far had all been from Goodwill :) 

To get started on adding the backing and batting to the table runner I ironed my backing fabric, cut to the desired length and width with a bit extra on each side to make sure there is enough, and then laid it flat on a large piece of cardboard and pinned it down taunt. Next we laid out the batting, just a bit smaller piece than the backing, and then on top of that, Right Side up, we added the table topper. From here we pinned the outer most sides of the table topper to the other layers to get everything tight. Then we discussed what parts I wanted to "quilt". We decided since it was my first go at machine quilting I would outline each of the satin silver squares and the large snowman square in the middle. We pinned along the outsides of all of the silver squares to ensure the fabric wouldn't move to much while quilting.   Then my quilting instructor asked me about what type of thread I was planning on using... I said white most likely because the only other color I have right now is navy blue. She laughed and brought back a really fun rayon thread that was multiple colors and quite shiny. We tested it along with a few of the fancy stitches on my machine on a test "sandwich" (fabric, batting,fabric). I decided to go with selection 51 on my machine for the stitch. After getting half way through quilting the table topper it was time for me to head back home. 

When I got home I finished quilting the table topper and then spent about 30 minutes surfing the internet trying to find out how to add the binding to the quilt-- as we hadn't got that far before I left class. Eventually I found two videos, one from and another from the wonderful Missouri Quilt Co. . While the quilt company gave me the best instructions for determining the length needed for my binding, the ehow gave instruction on how to machine finish-- which is what I wanted to do as I'm not super patient sewing and it's been forever since I've sewn by hand. 

I used the info from Missouri's video to cut out my binding and iron it out so it would be ready for me when I got home from work on Thursday. 

Here are the photos of where my table topper ended today: 

View of table topper pinned to all three layers (sorry for poor photo quality) 
Stitching on the back, could have done navy but figured might as well have some pattern. 

Closeup so you can see what stitch 51 looks like :)

Multi colored thread and close up of pinning pattern.

Binding for tomorrow!

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