Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Learning to Make a Rag Quilt

My first project of 2013 was a rag quilt for my nephew. I decided on a rag quilt because I received a great rag quilt pattern book for Christmas, and my nephew lives in Washington state and would need something warm. 

A rag quilt is great because it is usually 2 layers of flannel and one layer of batting, and it gets more cozy with every wash. And with kiddos there is certainly going to be many washings ahead. 

For the fabric I picked three colors of green, three colors of blue and then yellow for the sashing. To make the quilt I had to cut a front, back, and batting square for each piece. Then I sewed them together with a half inch seam. 

When it came time to make the rag part of the quilt the instructions to clip the seam allowance didn't compute correctly in my mind. So I made a BIG MISTAKE, I tried to trim away all the seam allowance! If you've ever made a rag quilt or read a pattern for one you might now that seam allowance is what you need to clip to make the quilt rag. WHOOPS! Well not all was lost I was still able to cut the seams enough to get the rag effect (as you can see in the photo). 

From this process I found that I really need to invest in some scissors meant for cutting rag quilts. It seemed to take forever to cut all the seams, and my scissors had a hard time cutting. Hopefully if I attempt a rag quilt in the future I will pre-plan and take care of this. (UPDATE: While making my second rag quilt over one year later I still did not have rag quilt scissors, as soon as I finished that quilt I purchased a pair ASAP via Amazon). 

After I had the quilt washed and ready to go I added a iron on quilt label. This was the first label I've ever used and it was super easy since it was one you could print on your home printer. The only thing I would change with labeling the quilt was that I waited until the quilt was done so the sewing that held the label in permanently shows through on the back. 

This is the finished product that was sent to Washington just in time for Mr. Ephraim's 1st Birthday: