Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wedding guestbook quilt

In March, a wonderful couple my husband and I are friends with were married. At their wedding they had charm squares which they had purchased through Missouri Star Quilt Company, and fabric pens available to their guests. Guest were asked to sign the quilt squares instead of a guestbook.

My friend  does not quilt so I had her bring all the squares over so I could put the quilt top together for her. We spent an afternoon sorting the quilt squares in determining which spots. She wanted which squares to go in. She had a mix of signed squares and squares that had patterns printed on them. We did the initial layout on my dining room floor. And from there I took the rows to the machine to sew the quilt top. 

Because the quilt is something that she will have forever, I did not feel comfortable attempting to quilt it for her. Especially because I know my limitations and machine quilting, and binding. 

Once she has it quilted, I will update the post with the final photos and if it is okay with her I will also share where she got it quoted and the process for getting that done.

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  1. Did she ever get this quilted? I'm doing one now and would love to know what quilting pattern was chosen...