Thursday, November 22, 2012

Christmas Quilting on Thanksgiving!

Day Four:

On Thanksgiving Morning I had a few hours of quiet to work on some quilting. I spent the first 20 minute of the morning ripping out the seam the last row of the Bridle Block I created on Day 3 at 2am :) I finally came to my sense and realized that even though the snowmen would be upside down, they'd look a whole lot better with the blue and white fabric going in the same direction as the rest of the block. It took me about 40 minutes all together to remove the seam between the 2nd and 3rd row, and between the end squares and blue/white blocks, but I was able to piece the block back together with much prettier results.

Ok, Day Four Means Perfection instead of Practice.
After feeling I had a successful block with the Bridle pattern I went back to McCall's website and picked out the Log Cabin Block. Part of the reason I chose this block was because I really wanted to let my snowmen get their featured role, since they all got cut in half in the Bridle block!  This block took about an hour and a half from cutting, sewing, and pressing but it was very easy to follow along and turned out beautifully. I even did a great job of ironing to the dark (which helps the block lay flat and look super nice)! 

My plan is to add batting and a backing and make it a table topper.. when I learn to do those things of course.
After this block was completed it was time to get the Thanksgiving Festivities started. When I returned home about 8pm I chose another square to try. This time I picked one with just two fabrics, it is a Shoo-Fly Block. Partly I choose this because I've really only been using the fun Christmas fabrics and I need to go out and get more variety to play with.  I cut out all of the pieces, ironed them and then arranged them and then took them to the sewing machine. I really enjoyed this block because it didn't need me to pin any of the squares as I fed them through the machine :) I think it turned out really nicely, but my husband informed me it reminds him of a Ninja Star with Christmas Fabric so he wouldn't encourage me to use it in an actual quilt.

What are you thoughts? Ninja star or Great Block Pattern?

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