Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day Off From Practice

Every good athlete knows you must take a day of rest every now and again to ensure you stay strong, but on those days off you should cross train. 

Today, I had to take a day off from practicing quilting because I was out of town enjoying the Grand Canyon! To keep my quilting mind sharp and learning though I borrowed a few quilting books which allowed me to find 2 new patterns I wanted to try when I got home. The first one was a simplified Lovers Knot (see tomorrows post for a photo), and the other one was a Split Rail, essentially the split rail uses at least 4 colors, but up to 8, going from light to dark. So each block looks something like this: 

The block in the book had the vertical lines being shades of purple and the horizontal lines being shades of pink, so it utilized 8 colors/patterns all together. I figured this would be a good one to try soon as it should be a quick pattern. Sew 4 seems together from long strips of each color and then cut down to size! 

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