Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shopping for Materials

Today I spent the morning organizing my quilting area and researching what type of finishing items I'd need to buy to complete my table runner. While on my lunch break at work I headed to Joann Fabric to pick up a dark blue fabric to use as backing for my table runner and then some batting. While there I felt a bit overwhelmed in trying to find a matching backing, so I just chose a plain dark blue instead of trying to match any of the patterns already in the table runner. The nice thing about this was the fabric was $3.99 a yard, and I had a 50% off coupon via the Joann's Iphone App (a must have!). With the help of the cutting station service attendant I was able to find some insul-bright batting which is made for going in "hot-pads and oven mitts". This was on sale for $6.99 a yard from $7.99 (Wish it had been normal price because I would have been able to use my 50% coupon on it if it was regular price!).  I picked up a spool of thread there too as I have already gone through one spool with all my practicing!

1 Yard Backing, 1 Yard Batting, 1 Spool Thread ($11.69)

After I gathered all these goods I watched two very quick youtube videos about how to add batting/backing to a table runner but I didn't feel confident I could do it on my own on my first try. So I reached out to my great Quilting 101 instructor, she host classes at her house Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights where you can bring your projects and she'll assist you in completing them. What a great deal right?! I sent a photo of the runner thus far and she said she could help, so I'm excited to get this finished tomorrow :) Can't wait to show the results.

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