Saturday, August 23, 2014

Return from Hiatus!

Well it's certainly been quite some time (over a year and a half) since my last post! My quilting adventures have still continued, but so did life! I had started this blog in November of 2012 right after learning to quilt via a Joann's fabric class and some one on one time with a fellow quilter. I did a great job (I think) of documenting my creations up until January of 2013 and then I dropped of the blogger-sphere. 

2013 was a great year, in which I was pregnant the majority of the year. My husband and I welcomed our first child, a son, who we affectionately call "Little Bug" or "C" in early December 2013. While I was pregnant I still quilted and even dabbled in sewing. Since his birth I've continued to work on new projects, including learning how to applique! 

I'm going to attempt to make a few post to catch everyone up to the projects I've finished. Unfortunately not all will have great step-by-step tutorials. However if there is one you'd like to see a step-by-step for let me know and I'd be glad to create one. 

Thanks for following, look forward to your feedback! 

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