Monday, April 15, 2013

Tumbler Table Topper - Easter Style

Since Easter and Spring are upon us I decided to try out a table topper that could brighten up my table. I had recently purchased a tumbler template from Missouri Star Quilt Company, after watching one of Jenny's great youtube tutorials! She makes quilting so easy and accessible. 

For fabric for the table topper I had a lot of left over 5 inch squares (charms) in flannel from my valentines day and kids quilts projects. So I went to Joann's and got some matching Easter inspired flannel to use as the backing fabric. 

The tumbler template is easy to use, just place it on a charm square and cut around it. After the tumbler shapes are cut out you just sew together like any other patch work.  Before you add your borders or backing you use your straight ruler to straighten the sides of the quilt. 

Tumblers Sew Together

Squaring the edges,
 by using a straight ruler to cut off edges
(Yes, our dining room wall does say VODKA,
the letters were on clearance at Kohl's
they didn't have the letters for VINO so we settled)

For this table topper I brought the backing fabric from the back to the front so I didn't have to do traditional binding (which I despise and just haven't really mastered-- mind you I haven't mastered bringing the backing to the front either haha!). 


I have a large, square, pub style table so this may look like large table topper but it fit my situation pretty well. 

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