Tuesday, July 28, 2015

All Smiles

I'll be posting a follow up post to share the details on the creation of the quilt I'm about to brag about but I needed to publicly thank Missouri Star Quilt Company for reposting and sharing my Easy Cathedral Windows Mini Quilt on Instagram.  It was the best surprise on a Monday ever- I felt like I achieved rockstar status! 

The post they made after my quilt was announcing they'd hit 15,000 followers! How crazy is it that my quilt was shared to all those people! 

Last check there were almost 600 likes on the repost of my quilt! 

So thank you Missouri Star Quilt Co for all the fantastic tutorials, daily deals, and spreading the love by reposting the quilts we make based on your inspiring videos! 

If you're on Instagram please feel free to follow me @quiltykt

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