Saturday, December 15, 2012

Race to the New Year!

It seems like this week has totally gotten away from me. I worked six days this week and had events and activities going on almost every day. So the beginning of my quilt top, is still just a quilt top as of today (Saturday). I need to get the batting and backing and when I made it to Joann's I had another project in order so I decided to focus on that project.

I am a proud Wildcat, having graduated from Central Washington University and the University of Arizona. So when I saw NCAA fabrics were on sale at Joann's purchased the U of A print and some ASU print. Then I got coordinating broad cloth fabrics to the prints. I have quite a few friends who went to UA or ASU so I thought they would make great holiday presents. 

On Thursday, I got the fabrics and started cutting out my 5 inch squares.  

I produced enough squares to make 32 coasters, 16 UA and 16 ASU. This way I could make sets of 4.
Cutting went pretty fast, I was able to cut 5 inch strips and then used a 5 inch block ruler to cut those strips down. I recently got this chart which comes in a word document that I got from the linked website and it is great because it let me know that from a yard of fabric I should be able to get 56 5 inch squares. So even with my cuts for all of the coasters thus far I still have about 1/2 a yard of each fabric to play with or make more coasters from. 

To make the coasters the most time consuming part is ironing the coordinator fabrics in half. Thankfully my wonderful husband helped me do about 1/4 of them on Thursday night so I was able to complete 8 coasters by the end of the night. 

Today I finished making the additional 24 coasters, to do this I made an assembly line process. First I ironed and then stacked all the fabrics, then I did the first sew, next I cut the corners and inverted the coordinating fabrics, then did the second sew to ensure the middles met appropriately. Then I took all 24 and cut off the little strings and such. It took me about 3 hours to complete all of this but when I was done I was very happy with the results 

Bear Down, Arizona!

For the tutorial link on how to make these coasters be sure to check out my past post 


  1. Hey :D It's Crystal from I have some block templates for you that you asked about for the Easter doll quilt I made?

    I just need your email address to send the pdf files to! :D

  2. Thanks Crystal! My email is

    I really appreciate it, that quilt is too cute!